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The request for proposals for the 2022-2023 application cycle is now closed. We will announce the 2023-2024 cycle in Summer 2023.

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What is the Faculty Scholars Program?

The Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics is a career development award to enable junior faculty members to carry out innovative bioethics research. It supports research that goes beyond current work in bioethics to help resolve pressing ethical issues in clinical, biomedical, and public health decision-making, policy, and practice, and creates a community that enhances future bioethics research by Scholars and Alumni/ae.

Each year, the Foundation selects approximately three Greenwall Faculty Scholars to receive 50 percent salary support for three years to enable them to carry out a specific research proposal and develop their research program. Applicants must be junior faculty members at a university or non-profit research institute that has tax-exempt status in the United States. Applicants must hold a faculty appointment (or other long-term research position outside a university) that allows at least 50 percent of their effort to perform research (often this is a faculty position with at least a 60 percent appointment in a tenure-track position or its equivalent). Priority will be given to applicants who have not yet been considered for tenure or an equivalent promotion; whose research will have an impact on clinical, biomedical, and public health decision-making, policy, and practice; and who will make important contributions to the field of bioethics over their careers.

Scholars and Alumni/ae attend twice-yearly meetings, where they present their works in progress, receive feedback and mentoring from the Faculty Scholars Program Committee and other Scholars and Alumni/ae, and have the opportunity to develop collaborations with other researchers. The ongoing involvement of Alumni/ae with the Program provides them ongoing opportunities for professional development and feedback and engages them in mentoring of younger Scholars.

In 2022, the Foundation marked the twentieth anniversary of the Faculty Scholars Program. Read more about the celebration on our blog.

The Program Committee provides oversight and direction for the Program and is involved not only with selection of the Scholars but also with mentoring and professional development activities.

Questions about the Program should be directed to Kyle Ruempler at kruempler@greenwall.org.

Request for Proposals

View the RFP for the previous application cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I already have more than 50% salary support or might have more than 50% salary support in future years. Am I still eligible to apply to the Faculty Scholars Program?
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  • Can I get feedback about a potential project from the Foundation before I submit a grant application?
  • Does the Foundation award no-cost extensions? How do I apply for one?

The Greenwall Foundation is dedicated to the integrity and impartiality of the grantmaking process and wishes to dispel even perceptions of conflicts of interest. Relationships that are conflicts of interest, which require Directors and Committee members to recuse themselves from voting on grant proposals, include an affiliation with a grantee institution, a current mentoring or collaborative relationship with an applicant, or a personal relationship with an applicant. To review the Foundation's Conflict of Interest Policy with respect to grants, please click here.