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Lauren Taylor, PhD

Class of 2026
  • Assistant Professor
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Scholar Project

Lauren Taylor is an assistant professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, where she is jointly appointed in the Division of Healthcare Delivery Science and the Division of Medical Ethics. She primarily studies US health care through an organizational lens, applying theoretical frameworks from business ethics and political philosophy to the normative analysis of managerial and policy dilemmas. 

Recently, Lauren has devoted a significant portion of her energy to the study of trust and trustworthiness in health care, including a Milbank Quarterly review of more than 700 papers on the topic. She also leads a national research-in-progress group that meets virtually to workshop papers related to trust. 

Lauren is currently AcademyHealth’s Trust Scholar-in-Residence and the recipient of the Stephen Charney Vladeck Junior Faculty Fellowship. She also serves as Senior Advisor to the Hastings Center and contributing editor for both the Journal of Hospital Medicine and Hastings Center Report. Lauren is a past recipient of the Society for Business Ethics’ Emerging Scholar award and remains an active member of that professional organization.

Lauren earned a Bachelors and Masters in Public Health from Yale University and a Masters of Divinity and PhD in Health Policy and Management from Harvard University.

For more information, visit https://med.nyu.edu/faculty/lauren-taylor

In Search of an Ethical Constraint on Hospital Revenue Generation

Grant Cycle: 2022 - 2023

Hospitals have come under public scrutiny for appearing to maximize their financial margin at the expense of patients and staff. In response to this concern, Prof. Taylor’s project will identify a normative ethical constraint on hospital revenue generation that avoids reliance on nonprofit status or medical professionalism. It does so by addressing the following questions: (1) In what ways, if at all, are hospitals different from for-profit business corporations? (2) What are the ethical responsibilities of US hospitals with regard to revenue generation? And (3) How does that ethical responsibility translate to practical directives with regard to contracting, lobbying and pricing? 


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