July 2019

The Greenwall Foundation President Transition

With tremendous gratitude and fondness, The Greenwall Foundation announces that Bernard Lo, MD will be retiring as President & CEO, effective summer 2020.

Bernie has served the Foundation for over 25 years. After mentoring many grantees and consulting to the Foundation, he was named the founding Director of the Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program in 2001. Under his leadership, this program became the Foundation’s flagship activity and has advanced the careers of a generation of bioethics scholars, who have made extraordinary contributions to the field. Greenwall Faculty Scholars now lead top bioethics programs and are recognized as among the most respected voices in the bioethics community. In 2012, Bernie became the Greenwall Foundation’s third President, leading the Foundation through a number of changes as it developed its exclusive focus on bioethics. These innovations have included creating the Making a Difference grant program, providing new professional development opportunities for early career bioethicists, and partnering in key ways with the National Academy of Medicine. Throughout this period, Bernie has continued his work as a leading scholar in bioethics, publishing widely and contributing substantively to national and international bioethics policy work.

The Foundation will soon form a committee to embark upon a national search for Dr. Lo’s successor. During this next year, we look forward to honoring Bernie’s long tenure with The Greenwall Foundation, as we actively continue our programs that seek to make bioethics integral to decisions in health care, policy, and research.

James A. Tulsky, MD
Chair, Board of Directors

* * *

As I step away from my role as President, I am grateful for the opportunity to have led The Greenwall Foundation’s unique emphasis on bioethics. It has been a joy and honor to work with younger generations of scholars developing fresh ideas and practical solutions to bioethics dilemmas. I have learned much from them as thinkers and people and have been proud to see their work and lives flourish. The Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program is now a vibrant intellectual community and a supportive network of colleagues and friends. The Making a Difference program has contributed important scholarship to the field. I will remain active in bioethics, finding opportunities to do more of my own thinking and writing. I look forward to more outstanding work from the Foundation and its grantees.

Bernard Lo, MD
President & CEO