May 2023

The Greenwall Foundation Launches Updated Website

We’re pleased to announce today a redesigned Greenwall Foundation website. The update reflects the Foundation’s evolution over the last three years – our expanded programmatic activities, our growing audiences, and our increased digital footprint.

As you navigate through the site, you’ll find a more dynamic home page, where we’ll feature videos from our growing video library. Updated site navigation draws a clearer line to our newest initiatives, including the Bernard Lo, MD Award in Bioethics and Bridging Bioethics Research & Policymaking Grants. The new Our Strategy page is home to what drives us and the strategic priorities that guide our work.

Reflecting our increased events programming, we added a page to aggregate and highlight our convenings, including the upcoming webinar Beyond COVID: The Broader Reach of Bioethics Research from the Pandemic. For members of the media, we added a Media Center page to access press releases and other Greenwall media activity, and to help connect journalists to the bioethics expertise available in the Greenwall community.

We hope the revamped site connects you quickly with the information and resources you need. Be sure to contact us with questions or feedback.