May 2022

Bioethics &: Research in Action

Bioethics brings thoughtful solutions to tough problems. It helps us think carefully about big questions, such as: How do we address significant disparities in health care? Should we be able to engineer our DNA or our children’s DNA? Ought doctors be able to assist a dying person’s wish to end their life?

At The Greenwall Foundation, we support researchers who boldly lean into these questions and take on the challenge of answering them. To help break down complex issues like these and shine a light on how bioethics research impacts the world around us, we launched the video series Bioethics &.

In these short videos, experts from the Greenwall community take on critical questions decision-makers are facing in health care, policy, and research and briefly explain how bioethics can help them find the best way forward. So far, we’ve featured Greenwall Faculty Scholars and Alums discussing consciousness, prognosis, drug regulation, and philosophy. As we develop more Bioethics & installments, we invite you to view our current videos here and on Twitter.