May 2023

Announcing a Greenwall Foundation Webinar—Beyond COVID: The Broader Reach of Bioethics Research from the Pandemic

With the federal COVID-19 public health emergency over, many of the bioethics questions raised during the pandemic remain. What can we take away from bioethics research from the pandemic as we move forward?

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On Thursday, June 15, at 12:00pm ET, The Greenwall Foundation will host a webinar, Beyond COVID: The Broader Reach of Bioethics Research from the Pandemic, to explore this question and more. Brendan Saloner, PhD, Jason L. Schwartz, PhD, and Seema K. Shah, JD, all conducted COVID-19-related bioethics research during the pandemic funded through the Foundation’s Making a Difference program. On this webinar, they will discuss their projects as well as the impact of their work – both during the pandemic and beyond. Throughout the conversation, the group will explore the experience of conducting research about a pandemic while it unfolded in real time and reflect on how the Making a Difference program facilitated their work.

After the panelists present their work, the webinar will shift to a moderated panel discussion. The audience will have the opportunity submit questions during the discussion as well.

The webinar will be broadcast via Zoom and is open to the public. You can register here.