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Addressing the Ethical Issues in HIV+ to HIV+ Organ Transplants

Jeremy Sugarman, MD
Johns Hopkins University
Grant Type Making a Difference
Grant Cycle fall 2016
Duration 2 years
Amount $199,634

The HIV Organ Policy Equity Act now permits transplanting organs from HIV+ donors to HIV+ recipients. This project will examine the ethical issues faced by this novel practice in actual clinical settings so that such transplants are responsibly and appropriately performed. First, we will collect in-depth qualitative data from the early recipients of HIV+/HIV+ transplants as well as those patients living with HIV who are offered an HIV+ organ and refuse. In addition, we will survey patients living with HIV who are on an organ waitlist regarding their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about HIV+ transplants. The aggregate data will be used to help create patient-reported outcome measures of ethics outcomes as well as a standardized informed consent process and guidance for independent recipient advocates. These tools will be implemented in a multicenter clinical trial and disseminated through peer-reviewed publications as well as professional conferences and networks.